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Termite Control & Protection Brisbane, Gold Coast:

Long-Term Protection for your home

Physical Barriers

Physical Barriers are one form of prevention designed to prevent concealed termite ingress. Most manufacturers will only give warranty if termites actually go through the physical barrier (BREACH) and gain access to the structure(this limitation can be found on their website). These physical barriers are easily bridged if ground levels are too high or termites gain access through weep holes and should not be solely relied upon as a termite prevention method.

Chemical Barriers

Using Australia’s premium termite control products, we apply a continuous chemical treated zone around the perimeter and under your home. This means digging a trench around your home down to the footings, applying the Termiticide and back filling the soil whilst flooding with chemical. To ensure complete termite protection, holes are drilled through concrete areas and pavers lifted to treat the ground beneath. Termidor® is non-repellent, which means termites won’t know it’s there and avoid the treated area. The transfer effect of Termidor® also means that termites only need to make contact with the substance, or another termite who has already been in contact with the chemical to die. The social nature of termites means some termites will be affected before they even reach your barrier. The advantages of using Termidor®: MASSIVE 8 YEAR WARRANTY → Unique Transfer Effect™ for unequalled Termite Control → Fast Elimination of Termite activity → Long-term Residual Control → Low Dose – Non-Repellent – Water Based → No effect on soil micro-organisms, earth worms and plants → Safe to use in all domestic and commercial situations – non toxic. $2 Million Dollar Structural Replacement Warranty. After your barrier is installed, it’s recommended that your home is thoroughly inspected every 12 months to ensure ongoing performance and warranty.

Bait Stations and In Ground Monitors

Stations with timber and cardboard (cellulose termite food) are placed around the perimeter of the structure every 3 meters to intercept foraging termites. The stations need to be inspected every 4 to 6 weeks to capture termites eating. Active termites found inside will then have special bait introduced so they cease eating the timber and consume the bait, they then transfer this food (trophallaxis) to each other killing the entire colony provided termites remain active. This process will start in 2 weeks and can take up to 6 months to complete. Baiting and monitoring is a great alternative to chemical barriers as the bait is non toxic to humans and pet friendly. Exterra Monitoring and Baiting System comes with a $100,00 structural replacement warranty. Click here to read our Service Guarantee >>

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